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SPEware Corporation New
This site was designed by Ben & Cheryl Dimson - a couple of talented graphic designers out of Los Angeles. They provided me the graphics and site layout, and I took it from there - an ideal arrangement for a programmer like myself. I did all the back-end programming including the HTML/CSS, the data-base SQL/XML software, the custom e-commerce software, the mobile edition & more.

I programmed the desktop version to "auto-adapt" and fit within the screen of all popular desktop resolutions. The mobile version automatically shows to those who access the site from their smart-phones, and I made sure that every feature that is available on the desktop is equally available and accessible on mobile. The mobile experience is not a compromised version of the desktop site, you can order items and search the inventory on mobile just as easily as you can do so from the desktop!

For ease of maintenance, I setup SPEware up with their own web server, a powerful solution that allows them to easily manage their site via remote-desktop using familiar desktop applications like Excel, Windows-Explorer and Textpad.

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Kauai Island Vacations
This site uses all my popular web apps: From my custom booking-calendar software, slide-show and thumbnail software, to my site-management-software, you name it, this site uses it. Make sure to checkout the custom custom google-map and fully integrated MLS data-base I just finished programming for them.

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Maui Realty Group
This site incorporates my site-management-software which allows the owner to easily edit any page and any data at any time. My data-base driven slide-show is embedded on their homepage. It is cross-platform compatible and easy to maintain - adding & removing photos is a snap! Site also incorporates a slick data-base driven MLS page.

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Kathryn Regier Maui Artist
Clean uncluttered classic design style. Slide-show gallery showcasing my wife Kathryn's latest paintings is driven by my JavaScript software which offers 100% browser compatibility and easy updating. No flash plug-in required!

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Stewart Law Offices
I designed this mobile optimized site for Maui Lawyer Gordon Stewart. He gave me complete artistic freedom with the design and layout.

I built software into his site that "auto-detects" smart-phones. When such a mobile user visits his site, the software sends out a specially prepared mobile-friendly version on the fly. In lay terms, it "slices & dices" the desktop page - resulting in a simplified page that is perfect for small mobile screens.

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Custom Web Software
I specialize in writing all types of custom software, and I've been doing so for years now. I can write a custom web application that will fit your needs like a glove. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination & needs! Drawing on my mastery of a variety of cutting-edge programming languages & technologies, I can create the perfect solution for your business.