FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Computing?
With “Cloud Computing”... a traditional program that would have previously been installed and run from the user’s (office) computer is replaced by a web application that is available with a web browser. Both the program (web app) and the data it acts upon are provided from “The Clouds” (a metaphor for the Internet). With cloud computing, the reliance is on the Internet and a web browser for satisfying the computing needs of the user.

Some of the benefits of this architecture include:
  1. Collaboration - multiple users will have access to the SAME data and may edit it without overwriting each other’s modifications.
  2. The service is accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7 with any browser on any operating system - including tablets and smart-phones. The user only needs an internet connection.
  3. Software updates are performed once (on the web server) and then automatically & seamlessly distributed to all users. Individual users are not burdened with installing time consuming updates on their own computer.
I recently wrote a sophisticated web application for Tropical Villa Vacations that is available for their staff only. It is not available to the general public, hence, I cannot provide a link for you to view it. In a nutshell, this highly custom software allows the staff to manage, edit & view their ever-changing housekeeping schedule. It “lives in the clouds”, therefore it is available 24/7 anywhere in the world and can be edited with just a web browser.
Do you ensure that your sites & web-apps are Mac Compatible?
Absolutely. Internet Technologies are platform independent and I use Windows and Macs to ensure that my sites function & display properly on the following Browsers:
  1. Google Chrome: Win, Mac, iOS & Android
  2. Internet Explorer: Win
  3. FireFox: Win & Mac
  4. Safari: Mac & iOS
  5. Opera: Win
Is web development your full-time job?
Yes. It's not something I dabble in on the side - it is my sole full-time occupation and has been for over two decades now! Modern web development demands extensive computer knowledge. I am completely fluent in: Hula Dancer | Lahaina Maui
  • HTML
  • JavaScript Programming Language
  • AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
  • Active Server Pages (ASP & ASP.net)
  • XML: The eXtensible Markup Language
  • C# Programming Language
  • CSS Cascading Style Sheets
  • Data-Base driven web sites
My skills in these cutting-edge technologies allow me to create advanced web applications, from powerful e-commerce solutions to advanced data-driven content. The sky is the limit!
If I hire you, will you pass my job onto an employee?
No! It's just "me, myself & I" who works for me and no-one else.

How do you stay current on rapidly changing Internet technology?
I must confess, deep down, I am quite the geek! I love reading and I maintain a HUGE volume of technical books and magazines on all the various Internet Programming technologies. During slow periods, I read and experiment with new and emerging programming languages & technologies.
What is a "technology upgrade"?
Web technologies are constantly being improved and expanded. Web functionality that is possible today was only a dream in 1995! A "technology upgrade" refers to an underlying upgrade of your web site's code (bringing it current standards) so that you may:
  1. Add new functionality; and/or
  2. Ensure that your site works & displays correctly on the latest generation browsers.
I generally recommend a technology upgrade at least every two years, and more frequently if you want to make sure your site stays on the cutting-edge and compatible with the latest generation browsers.