David Regier A Maui resident since 1985, I have a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Programming & Mathematics. I’ve been developing software & web-applications since it all began, in the early 90’s - three decades ago! I bring a wealth of knowledge & experience to the table. I “cut my teeth” on Fortran back in the 80's, and moved on to Java, Visual-Basic & SQL in the 90's. Now I am coding in C# & JavaScript. My mastery of these two modern powerful languages gives me the ability to create just about anything. If you can dream it - I can program it!

I have expertise with the following technologies:
  1. C#: A full-featured, high-performance server-side programming language.
  2. JavaScript: A powerful language tha adds a wide array of capabilities & interactivity to web sites. I've been writing JavaScript way back now... since the language was first introduced by Netscape in 1995.
  3. PWAs, shorthand for Progressive Web Applications. These apps are delivered through the web and built using standard web technologies. Unlike native apps, PWAs are a write-once run-everywhere solution. A single PWA works equally well on any platform whether if be iOS/Android on mobile, or Mac/Windows on the desktop.
  4. Fetch & AJAX, modern web development techniques for creating responsive & interactive web applications.
  5. XML: The eXtensible Markup Language is a modern industry standard data-base language used for representing structured data on the Internet.
  6. JSON or Java Script Object Notation is an open standard file format and data interchange format that uses human-readable text to store and transmit data between web applications & servers.
  7. Security & Encryption: I have years of experience writing secure software using the advanced-encryption-standard and end-to-end encryption. This has never been so important, web apps are not only available to legitimate users 24/7, they are also available to malicious users every hour of every day.

New I recently completed the new Mana Kauai site. I wrote all the front & back-end software including the staff-only web apps used to manage the reservation calendars & property photos.